• How long will I have access to the courses I enroll in?

    There is no expiration date

  • Are the courses covered by my health insurance? depends on your insurance and on the actual class. There are no billing codes for these courses, so there is no way to direct bill the insurance company. You would need to enroll, pay, complete the course and receive your certificate, then submit all of that to your health insurance company. You would probably have more success applying for reimbursement from an HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or through an alternative benefit (example, some people earn rewards or money for attending gym classes).

  • Can I take the class with a family member/friend?

    Yes. There is no expiration, and access is through your account with the login and password you created. You could either go through the class together, or share your account with a trusted individual.

  • What if I have technical problems?

    Any technical problems should be resolved directly with Thinkific and their support team.

  • What if I have medical questions about things I learn?

    Medical questions related to things we teach in our classes can be answered either during live sessions, during recorded sessions, or in an actual medical appointment with us (telemed or in person).