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Lifestyle Driven Weight Loss

    1. Getting Started Checklist

    2. Welcome and Weight Loss Course Overview

    3. Privacy: What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas!!

    4. Weekly Live Coaching Calls

    5. Facebook Private Group Support

    6. Overweight, Obesity, Morbid Obesity: What does it all mean and why does it matter?

    7. Feeding Times: What are they and why are they so important? Know yours!!

    8. Starting a Healthy Weight Loss Plan: What to do first?

    9. Constipation is part of weight loss: How to be prepared!

    10. Helpful Tips, Facts, and a Quickstart Meal Guide

    11. Ordering supplements

    12. Tips for Supplementation

    13. Can I/Should I use medication to help lose weight?

    14. Should I Have Weight Loss Surgery?

    15. 4 pillars of our weight loss program

    1. Month 1 Checklist

    2. Understanding your Body Composition Report

    3. InBody App

    4. Feeding Times: What are they and why are they so important? Know yours!!

    5. Premeditated Discipline: Plan for Success

    6. Interpreting Hunger

    7. Two Brains


    9. Fats: Upgrade yours and know your cooking oils

    10. Protein: Upgrade your meats

    11. Upgrade your grains and avoid hidden sugars

    12. Tips for Meal Planning

    13. The Dirty Dozen and Clean 15

    14. The Toxic Top 10 and the World We Live in

    15. End of Month 1 Homework

    1. Month 2 Checklist

    2. Sample 7 Day Menu

    3. Exercise

    4. Essential Hedonism

    5. Label Reading

    6. How to Overcome Fatigue

    7. Dining Out

    8. Label Reading Quiz

    9. End of Month 2 Homework

    1. Month 3 Checklist

    2. Macronutrients

    3. Fruits or Vegetables

    4. The Role of Micronutrient Supplements

    5. Sugars & Artificial Sweeteners

    6. What About Alcohol

    7. Family & Social Gatherings

    8. Mastication Satiety

    9. Macronutrients Quiz

    10. Portion Sizes: Carbohydrates

    11. Portion Sizes: Protein

    12. Portion Sizes: Fats

    13. Portion sizes and macronutrients quiz

    14. End of Month 3 Homework

    1. Month 4 Checklist

    2. Lifestyle Strategies

    3. How to create solid habits

    4. Sabotage

    5. The Advanced Nutrition Plan

    6. The Advanced Nutrition Plan part 2

    7. How to Implement the Advanced Nutrition Plan

    8. Advanced Sleep Strategies

    9. End of Month 4 Homework

    1. Month 5 Checklist

    2. Healthy Eating Tips on the Go

    3. 22 Practical Strategies for a Healthy Lifestyle

    4. Guide to Economic Shopping

    5. Portion Sizes: Sweets and Desserts

    6. How to "Zag" (our word for indulge)

    7. BeautyCounter

    8. 10 Tips for When Weight Loss Stalls

    9. End of Month 5 Homework

Lifestyle driven weight loss

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  • 193 lessons
  • 38.5 hours of video content


Angela Aslami

Dr. Angela Aslami is a Board Certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist, in practice since 2003. She has been a functional medicine provider since 2013, Sexual Health Specialist since 2015, and became Board Certified in Obesity Management in 2021. She offers comprehensive weight management, hormone balancing, cardiovascular risk reduction, and cutting edge technology for improving sexual health and performance. In her Bridgewater office, she also offers world class technology for reversing the signs of aging, including erasing sun damage, minimizing wrinkles, and reshaping fat through body contouring.

Francesco "Frank" Scardigno

Frank has been a certified personal trainer since 2011, leading the training team at L.A. Fitness and more recently opening his own training studio. He will be graduating in 2023 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics. Frank has been successfully guiding our patients toward their weight loss goals since 2019, and will be leading the weekly coaching calls on Zoom in this program.

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  • How long will I have access to the courses I enroll in?

    There is no expiration date

  • Are the courses covered by my health insurance?

    Maybe...it depends on your insurance and on the actual class. There are no billing codes for these courses, so there is no way to direct bill the insurance company. You would need to enroll, pay, complete the course and receive your certificate, then submit all of that to your health insurance company. You would probably have more success applying for reimbursement from an HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or through an alternative benefit (example, some people earn rewards or money for attending gym classes).

  • Can I take the class with a family member/friend?

    Yes. There is no expiration, and access is through your account with the login and password you created. You could either go through the class together, or share your account with a trusted individual.

  • What if I have technical problems?

    Any technical problems should be resolved directly with Thinkific and their support team.

  • What if I have medical questions about things I learn?

    Medical questions related to things we teach in our classes can be answered either during live sessions, during recorded sessions, or in an actual medical appointment with us (telemed or in person).

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